Cognitive solutions

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Elif Lab provides Artificial Intelligence and software development for automation and robotics

Smart Robots

Our goal is to make robots smarter, able to communicate with humans and enable faster, safer and more efficient automation.

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Opening decision boxes

Transparent and explainable Artificial Intelligence for more effective and safer automation and robotization

Multimodal Artificial Intelligence

We manage information coming from different sensors, perform sensor fusion and realise context aware intelligence

Tech and integration experts

Our team is skilled in ROS, Webots, dockers, edge devices, external controllers, fast prototyping and system integration

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A comprehensive, resilient, lightweight framework for a quantum leap in the use of artificial intelligence in robot-environment interaction.

Accurate localization, mapping, navigation and collision avoidance for mobile robots, through hybrid Semantic Artificial Intelligence and interactive interfaces.

Our approach has been awarded and financed by:

Computer Vision ELIF LAB

Sensor fusion, context awareness, computer vision

We design and implement light infrastructures and flexible solutions, leveraging data coming from the different available onboard sensors (LIDARs, IMU, GPS, depth cameras...) and the power of computer vision for reconstructing the environment and perform mapping, navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Semantic knowledge, abstract layers and interactive interfaces

Through our semantic graphs, robots and users can exchange and communicate concepts in natural language. Our interactive interfaces allow to manage, monitor and understand all the activities performed by the robots.

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